Montessori Toddler student working on the knobbed cylinder block activity. The purpose of this activity is to help develop the child’s visual perception of dimension and coordination of movement, as well as strengthen the child's fingers for writing.

Our infant program nurtures the sense of trust and security in each child. Our teachers prepare the classroom with guided exploration in mind. The space is welcoming, comfortable and safe and is designed to meet the developmental needs of the youngest members of our community. Infants are remarkable "students" who spend their entire infancy learning what it means to be human. Our teachers are models for the students and interact with the babies through singing, speaking, rocking, holding and cuddling, laughing and smiling. The Montessori education at this level is based on both child and brain development. Safety, love, nurturing interactions, and cognitive growth are the cornerstones of our program.

In our program, we follow the infants' schedules, allowing them to nap when they are tired, eat when they are hungry, and explore when they are ready. Teachers encourage the infant to challenge herself. For example, our teachers will observe an infant who is working on reaching or crawling and will place an object just out of reach and the infant will problem solve until she gets the object.

The Montessori Infant program is far from daycare. It is an environment which focuses on all aspects of your child's development, with special focus on independence, language, and cognitive growth. This is all done in a safe, nurturing and loving environment, led by a Montessori certified infant and toddler teacher.

Please click here for information on our infant program pricing. If you are interested in registering your child, please call the school at (603) 352-4052 to speak with someone and arrange for a tour. 

The Keene Montessori School is a licensed childcare provider and is registered as a provider with the NH Department of Family Services. For additional information on this and other financial options please contact us.