Shown above: Montessori students during afternoon music program, students at the annual Thanksgiving Harvest Gathering, students moving and grooving during afternoon movement program and a beautiful table setting created by our students to share a meal.

Our Mission:

To foster and support independent, self-confident children using an active learning process based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. We encourage each child to be her own individual.

To encourage peaceful living through respect for others, turn taking, conflict resolution, good manners and respect and curiosity for diversity and cultures.

To provide a loving, nurturing and flexible community for families. We strive to support the whole spectrum of family schedules and to act as a resource for a variety of topics. We encourage family involvement as a component of an enhanced school experience.

We Believe:

Children are individuals who learn in different ways, at their own pace, through exploration, discovery, and creativity.

Grouping different aged children together encourages children to teach and help each other.

Curiosity and a lifelong love of learning should be encouraged and nurtured.

A connection to nature through natural materials, items found in nature and time outdoors is important.

Highlights of our school:

  • Dedicated, experienced staff who are certified in First Aid and CPR.
  • Toddler and Preschool programs for children beginning at 15 months.
  • Summer Camp is fun-filled with different themes throughout the program.
  • Licensed by the State of New Hampshire.
  • Founded in 1978.
  • Spacious facility built specially for young children.
  • Fenced-in area for outside play.
  • Located off of Main Street in Keene, New Hampshire.