Comments from Parents:

I like Keene Montessori School because. . .

. . . of the warmth of the school community.
. . . my children have developed strong learning and social skills.
. . . it has fostered a sense of consideration of others and a cooperative spirit in my child, in addition
to building self-confidence.

Comments from children:

I like Keene Montessori School because. . .

. . . it’s fun doing maps and learning where places are. I like my teachers. I like the way I learn math.
. . . I like to do metal insets and have snack.
. . . I feel good when I finish my chain work.

Comments about KMS Kindergarten:

From Parents:

I like Keene Montessori School because. . .

. . . . The thing I love the most about KMS Kindergarten is my son has learned at an early age a love for learning. He looks forward to going to school each day. Finally being a kindergartner, he is able to mentor the younger children which makes him feel very good about himself.

….My child was excited to go to school every day. Keene Montessori Kindergarten provided her an opportunity to complete the Montessori cycle of “learn-do-teach.” The year increased her self-esteem and confidence. My child was given the opportunity to excel. She was given feedback on her work. She was proud of the work she did and the work of her peers.

From Kindergartners:

I like Keene Montessori School because. . .

. . . I like the field trips to the Colonial Theatre.
. . . I like the work even when it’s a little hard.
. . . I like the challenging work. I really love it, especially the maps.